While the Rabbit Sleeps

“The wise rabbit knows the carrot will not hop to him. ” – Unknown

This rabbit moved into my garden recently and rests right outside my window. I like to think I’m providing her with sanctuary. (I assume it is female because I want to). I had a pet white rabbit when I was little, but I’ve forgotten most of what I learned about them. I have had the opportunity to observe her behavior throughout the day. At first I was worried about her because she didn’t move all day, so I did a little research on rabbits.
They like safety, so they are constantly on the alert for predators. They don’t move far from their homes. They don’t move far from their food sources. Dusk and dawn are their active times. They never completely close their eyes, sleeping either with them open, or half closed. They have about a 7 year life span.
I love that they are cute, cuddly, quiet and peaceful. And what a life of sleeping and eating they enjoy.
Watching this rabbit in contrast to watching the current news was interesting. How like the rabbit’s life mine is, always watchful, but also non-participatory, for the most part, as war, politics, climate change, wildfires, the pandemic, and other monsters swirl around us. Monsters we stay on the alert for, but are pretty much oblivious to the real experiences unless they touch our lives.

This is the rabbit’s world too, their world within our world; my world within the rabbit’s world. A beautiful dance made more precious with the contrasts.

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