Dreams of Eden-the single

Release date 12/8/2023

Winner of the 2023 Best Original Single Flute Tune from Native American Flute Musicians!!

Dreams of Eden Official Video

Dreams of Eden
By Diane Wheeler Dunn
Written by Chrissie Sheppard

“Diane Wheeler Dunn is back with another new single, Dreams of Eden, a piece that I found deeply meditative to listen to, as her flute took me on a journey on dream clouds to a distant and far off land somewhere in another dimension.
Dunns performance as always is outstanding, in a piece a found hypnotic; a solo flute that relies entirely on the artist, no backing tracks or other sounds, just a solo flute and the intention of the musician to tell the tale and the dreams of another location, that of Eden.
Now I suggest, if you have the time, you go to Diane’s YouTube Channel and watch the very apt video that has been created to go with this release, it really does help take you on a magical journey to Eden, especially for those who find it difficult to visualise.

This is an amazing new release by Diane Wheeler Dunn, one that I feel is her best ever and one that she should be extremely pleased with. So if you love good music, then you are going to enjoy this one, a huge chart hit is definitely on the cards for Dreams of Eden by Diane Wheeler Dunn.”