Morning Glory Glory-The Single

Imagine the surprise and joy in finding a heart at the center of a morning glory! Would it not be glorious?

digital single cover for the song Morning GLory Glory, a flower with a heart center

About the Recording

Morning Glory Glory

There are 3 flutes in conversation in Morning Glory Glory, 2 in the key of G and one in the key of D. They are accompanied by an ambient pad and vibes.
The cover photo is of the center of a morning glory with a heart. The song is about the conversation of the flowers, represented by the flutes.


Morning Glory Glory (single)
Diane Wheeler Dunn
2022 / Diane Wheeler Dunn
6 minutes

“Morning Glory Glory” is a Native American flute single by Diane Wheeler Dunn. An avid gardener and photographer as well as a composer and musician, Diane’s inspiration for the piece is explained by the quote: “Imagine the surprise and joy in finding a heart at the center of a morning glory! Would it not be glorious?” It would, indeed, and the vibrant cover artwork is a celebration of such a discovery! The recording was performed with three different flutes, vibes, and an ambient pad. Diane goes on to explain that the piece is “A conversation in the garden between flowers, bursting blooms filled with messages of love each morning of their season.” The three flutes really do sound like they are carrying on an animated but peaceful conversation, as their sounds are all distinct from each other and are supported by the ambient background tones and occasional bell-like chimes from the vibes. Soothing and gently uplifting, it’s a beautiful piece!

“Morning Glory Glory” is available from Diane’s website, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify. Recommended!

Kathy Parsons


Morning Glory Glory
Diane Wheeler Dunn
Written by
Steve Sheppard

Diane Wheeler Dunn is a flute performer that brings a little mystery to the table, her performances are always crisp, clear, but with an element of intrigue suspended deep within the arrangement, here on this brand new single entitled Morning Glory Glory, we have all that and more.
Native American styled flute shines brightly with Diane Wheeler Dunn at the helm, and this calming musical narrative floats through the forest like a magical flute would do in Shakespeare’s a mid-summer nights dream.
The artist has been in fine musical form lately, and this new release Morning Glory Glory will be another step up the ladder in the blossoming career of the artist, on this sublimely calming, soothing and deeply peaceful new single.