Mysterious Beauty-The Single

photo of a cattail for the cover of the song Mysterious Beauty

Release date December 15, 2022


Mysterious Beauty
Diane Wheeler Dunn
Written by
Steve Sheppard

Many years ago I became entranced by flute performers like Nigel Shaw and Terry Oldfield, each had their own style, and each reflected the growing link between new age music and the flute, in what could be called the golden age of the genre, skip forward 20 years and Diane Wheeler Dunn is one of those rare artists who can now take the flute and create something as equally magical and mysterious, perhaps even as much as the previous two artists did back in the day.
Mysterious Beauty is the latest artistic creation from the flute performer, and it contains a rhythmic percussive element that is undeniable and addictive in quality. Her productions are always extremely excellent, her pieces always have great depth, colour and texture, and it is artists like Diane Wheeler Dunn that have opened the doorway to flute music in general, and made it far more globally accessible to all music lovers. This is a single that really deserves to be a big hit and I am pretty sure that’s going to happen.

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