Mohave – The Single

photo of heat waves in yellow, orange and green

Mohave was released on March 7, 2023


by Diane Wheeler Dunn
Written by Steve Sheppard

There is a wonderful flavour of wilderness within this amazing new creation from flute performer Diane Wheeler Dunn, the song is called Mohave and it is a flavourful ambient construct of great texture and artistic endeavour.
The Mohave region takes in part of the Grand Canyon and is a very spiritual location; here Dunn brings forth a manifestation to please both the ancestors and ancients themselves through her breath taking flute presentation.
There can be no doubt that the artist is one of the finest flute performers of her age, her compositions always bring a thrill to my heart, and with each passing offering she opens up the world of flute with a cinematic flourish, with this her latest fantastic creation Mohave, a simply a must have at all costs new single.