Wintering Woodland

“The woods were made for the hunter of dreams, The brooks for the fishers of song; To the hunters who hunt for the gunless game The streams and the woods belong. There are thoughts that moan from the soul of pine And thoughts in a flower bell curled; And the thoughts that are blown with scent of the fern Are as new and as old as the world.” – quote by Sam Walter Foss on YourDictionary.

Honoring our trees, our woodlands, our seasons on Earth.
Walk in wonder and you will see. The paths are less cluttered. The light beams through.
The shadows find space and the waters are frozen in place.
Wintering is a time of hibernation, a time of resting and storing new energy.
It’s a time of dreaming and planning and patiently waiting.
A time for our warmest clothes and most comforting foods.
A time for sharper contrasts,
Where the tiniest bits of color stand out in the grey.
Walk in wonder.

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