Accepting Our Gifts

“Creativity is in the exhale.” Ann Jackson

The single most important thing that happened to me during the pandemic was that I moved away from being a seeker to being a creator.

            During the first year of my retirement, I was running around trying things I had always wanted to do but never had time for. The pandemic ended my piano and art lessons, club meetings, and all other on-site gatherings.  I now had time to de-clutter the house, work in the garden, take photos every day and write melodies for my flutes.

            Once I started Zoom meetings with Prairiewoods,  I was exposed to going deeper. One of the sessions was about our gifts, what they contribute to us personally and to the universe, and our responsibility to use them.

            Every encounter we have with others changes both us and them.

            Every time we create, we are giving birth as an energy evolution. 

            Sharing our creation creates something in others.

            My question was, which gift do I go deeper with? I have a tendency to sail in the wind with my interests.

            The answer was, just pick one and keep going deeper into it.

            I chose the flutes.

            And here I am much deeper into my gift of the love of music than I ever imagined.

“If you find the perfect sound you can spread or create beauty, serenity, enlightenment, so people can find their own quiet place. I tell my students that every time we pick up the flute, we might be able to help cause world peace.” Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin

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