How Can We Awaken To Beauty?


Will we see what it is we aren’t seeing? Will we see what it is we won’t see?

Will we love what it is we aren’t loving? Will we love what it is we won’t love?

Vision, insight, understanding.

People, creatures, all of the Earth.

Will we see? Will we love?

Will we be what it is we aren’t being? Will we be what it is we won’t be?

Song lyrics by Diane Wheeler Dunn

One of the best tools for seeing differently is to look through the lens of a camera. We all have one, right there in our phones. Add a little curiosity and some technical skill and you begin to see the sacred spaces of creation. Our awareness of the Earth around awakens. We find gratitude and a WOW factor at the intricacies of beauty in the most ordinary things.

My favorite styles of photography are:

The Close-Up: Hard focus with some depth of field to blur the background.

Macro: Hard focus and soft focus of a subject in its real size or larger.

Abstract: Patterns, colors, textures, and/or lines of an unrecognizable subject or view.

Recommended Reading:

Christine Valters Paintner, Eyes of the Heart, Photography as a Christian Contemplative PracticeF

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