Follow the Sun

“Despite knowing they won’t be here for long, they still choose to live their brightest lives — sunflowers.” – Rupi Kaur.
Follow the Sun

We want to turn our backs on the shadows and follow the sun, but this does not come naturally to us. We want to live our brightest lives, but life gets in the way. We don’t want to accept that we won’t be here for long, so we waste precious time doing non-precious things like keeping up with our culture.

A song about sunflowers following the sun called for a major scale. This is my first immersion in the Batti Major scale, 1 3# 4 5 7# 8. A lazy tempo arose. A lighthearted touch with shorter notes and plenty of spacing paints the picture.

Slow down, bask in the sun (safely), live your brightest life. The sunflowers have things to teach us.

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