“We can all help the monarchs by planting milkweed. There’s an almost tangible connection between monarch butterflies and milkweed. Both are in a state of decline. And, they each need the other for their very survival. Plant a butterfly garden, and you’ll help reverse the diminishing population of both monarch butterflies and milkweed.”


I absolutely love the time of year when the milkweed pods open and display their seeds. I can spend a great deal of time photographing milkweed plants from different points of view. The display is full of texture and contrast.
The milkweed pod is full of faith that her silk will carry her seeds on the wind and root in the landscape.

Interbeing and interbreathing are concepts of today’s ecological philosophy. We need the plants and the creatures to survive. There would be no oxygen, no water, without them. Trees are rainmakers. Each being, cooperating, contributes something and balances the whole.

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