Mystery in the Mist

‘Scientists only understand 4% of universe’ — RT World News

Released as a single on digital streaming platforms.

The Covid-19 virus has brought our attention to the unseen air that we breathe, inhaling and exhaling along with everyone else. The unseen air may contain viruses or air pollution of various sources that affect our ways of life. There are also beneficial elements in the air created by plant life.

I am struck by the representation of the misty air in photography with deep depth of field, where the subject is focused but the background is blurred. These are more spiritual images to me; this world is in focus and the otherworld is not. What spirits inhabit the unseen, mysterious backgrounds of our lives? What John O’Donohue calls “that subtle world that dwells between things.”

For further reading:
Beauty, The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue

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