Simple Harmony

“Maybe there’s a different way to describe the elegantly complex interweaving of natural processes that comprise an ecosystem: harmony. In music, harmony arises when different notes sound at the same time in such a way that an emergent, more complex and pleasing sound is produced. The notes aren’t competing or cooperating with each other, but the way in which their differences act upon each other creates a blended experience that is richer and more beautiful than any of them alone. Could it be that the best description of how nature works is, in fact, a harmonic meshwork of life?” Jeremy Lent
Simple Harmony

Birds distribute seeds that plants produce. Trees produce so many nuts that squirrels can’t eat them all, so the abundance produces more trees. Rain waters the plants, ponds and rivers. The sun warms the soil. There’s an endless song of nurturing going on out there with individual elements mixing in a way that creates and sustains life.

This song arose from blending the elements of wood and leather to help me compose with a flute that had holes that were too big for my fingers. The tone was so lovely that I really wanted to create a song for it. I covered the largest hole, the 4th from the top with a leather strap, creating a scale that doesn’t use the 5th. I’m sure there’s a name for that scale, but I don’t know what it is. I’m just glad I was able to come up with an outside the box workable solution.

Harmony helps us grow!

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“The Web of Meaning” by Jeremy Lent

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