The Caregivers

“About 3,500 children survive abandonment each year according to a study that the Medical Research Council conducted in 2018. The study found that for every child that was alive, at least two were dead. The same research concluded that 65 percent of abandoned children were newborns and 90 percent were under the age of 1.” Google

Let’s unpack those numbers. For 3,500 children who survive abandonment, 7000 die, in a year.
10,500 children are abandoned each year, 9,450 are under the age of 1; 6,825 were newborns.
Pause and think about that for a moment. What in our culture leads people to abandon children?
A friend and her husband are fostering a premature, newborn baby girl who was abandoned. They named her Kaia Mãlu, each word meaning peaceful sea, the words combining to mean caretaker.
I look up to the people who are the hands and feet out there helping wherever their gifts lead them to take care.
I write songs to help process my feelings, to create balance. A song is somewhere to begin. (link below for Sara Thomsen’s song)
This is Kaia’s song. It’s also for her caretakers.
Kaia Malu

Somewhere to Begin, sung by Sara Thomsen | Rise Up Times

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